Over the next few months, 70 women will be going head-to-head in a competition that seeks to find Kenya’s first woman president.

The women are at The #MsPresident Academy already, bubbly and geared up to show the country who among them is made of sugar, who is of spice, and who is solid boss material.   

Ms. President reality TV series is the brainchild of Media Focus on Africa, and produced by Dreamcatcher Productions Limited, aims to shine light on women’s capacity to lead and the importance of including both genders in key roles around peace building, national cohesion and conflict resolution.

The project brings together women representing different regions and cultures in Kenya, all in leadership roles within their spaces.

The contestants will undergo leadership training and tests,, after which elimination happens based on different criteria. At the end of the series, only the best and strongest contestant is expected to remain standing.  This last woman standing will be crowned Kenya’s First Reality TV President.

#MsPresident Judges (from far right) Njeri Kiereini, Michael Onyango and Zippy Okoth with Timothy Owase from Kenya Film Commission.

Ms. President series is supported by the European Union, Canadian High Commission, Muhuri, among other partners.

The show premiered on KTN on 30th January 2019, from 8-9PM, and will air every Wednesday after that, same time.

Join us every week and let’s find out who makes it to the top seat!

Far Left: Martin Munyua and Isabel Munyua of Dreamcatcher Productions, who are the Executive Director and Executive Producer(consecutively) of #MsPresident Reality TV Series at the official premier.

Dreamcatcher Productions is committed to producing films that tell powerful stories of Africa and its people, shaping narratives and empowering communities through film.

We believe it is important for us, as filmmakers to use our platforms to communicate the correct messages about Africa and its people, especially its women, to the world.

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