Filming in Kenya

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Welcome to Kenya! From white sandy beaches, beautiful coral reefs, lush highlands, sprawling plains, majestic escarpments, snowcapped mountains, deserts, desert lakes, game reserves and private parks, we have it all! To film your next hit here, this is what you legally require.

Film Permit

Requirements: Filming permit fees: Filming permit fees for a national parks or game reserves:

*These fees do not include park or camping fees. Our national parks and game reserves are under the management of Kenya Wildlife Service. You can get park entry fees here.

Equipment Clearing

If you are coming with equipment, we shall get you a clearing agent. Upon landing; import duty is levied. This is a non-refundable amount of 1% or USD 290.70 whichever is less, is levied on the total quantity of imported items per consignment.


Visas and Special Passes

A special pass or temporary work permit is mandatory before filming. We shall process these on your behalf. The special pass costs USD 145.35 per person, paid online or via mobile money as cash is not accepted at the immigration counter at the airport.


Filming in County Governments

There are varying filming fees for each county government in addition to the film permit obtained from the Department of Film Services. We will advise on any fees required after you provide your filming locations.

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